Bike Hack – How to Make a Ski Bike!


For those of you lucky enough to enjoy snow this winter (unlike me who is stuck in sunny California), you might want to make this cool Ski Bike and ski down the nearest hill.

I think his could certainly keep your winter home-X-games to be exciting and fun.

All it takes is a pair of old skis and some work in your garage so I don’t see how you can lose.

Decide how long you’d like your skis to be. I’ve found 24″ to work quite well, but try whatever you want. Make a nice deep mark for the cut, it’ll make starting the cut straight much easier. I used a steel ruler and this pick to scratch a groove into the ski.

Clamp the ski into a vise or onto a table or something to make the cut. Cutting it this way (versus clamped sideways) makes it much easier to get a nice straight cut.

via instructables


Herd’s a video of what you can do with a ski bike once you are done making it, big jumps!


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