Russian Gold-Plated Porsche, BMW, and Gold Bullions [Weekend Fun!]


While people here in America focus on engine horsepower and classic paint colors, Russians have perfected their art of gold-plating luxury cars such as Porsches and BMWs.

I find it hard to believe that some people would actually do this as I am sure people might even scratch your car to get some free gold.

Regardless, I think these pictures of gold cars exemplify what can really be done, that is to have a real gold-colored car, not just another “fake” gold car.

This golden Porsche is something that I would want, although I would rather spend the extra dollars getting a Lamborghini.


Also check out this gold-plated BMW although I highly prefer the Porsche much more due to cool engravings.


Also, for added weekend pleasure, take a look at these Russian government gold bullions, perhaps a national treasure/investment that can be used well in recession:

Bars of Krasnoyarsky plant have the branch quality mark- Good Delivery status what allows to come to the international market of gems. Besides Krasnoyarsky plant, five more Russian plants have the same status. Total number of the factories all over the world that have the same high Good Delivery Status is 55.
Krasnoyarsk Non-Ferrous Metals Plant produces also gold bars of nine types (State Standard ла51572-2000)- from one gram to one kilogram of gold. This plant produces silver, platinum and palladiumbars, besides the gold ones.

P.S. Reserves of gold in Russian government reserve was 495.9 tons in December of 2008.



If I can only get to even “touch” one of these gold bullions in my lifetime I would consider myself lucky.

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