Bamboo Laptop Cooler! [Eco Gadget]


A Korean company ( has just launched its new laptop cooler, completely made from bamboo.  Not only is bamboo the most sustainable wood in the world, it also has some nice cool-to-the-touch feel, meaning it can be perfect material over plastic as laptop coolers.

UPDATE: These Bamboo Laptop Coolers are now officially available on Amazon! ($34.05)

Of course, these will be only sold in Korea for now but perhaps you’ve got friends in Korea who can pick up one for you the next time there.  As for me, I will eventually setup a remote-office in South Korea in the next few years so wait until then, I should be giving new Korean gadgets as prizes on this blog. (Subscribe!)

SEOUL, Korea (AVING) — <Visual News> Macally Korea( launched its bamboo-made laptop cooler ‘EcoFan Pro’ in Korea market. Equipped with two built-in USB fans, the EcoFan Pro is designed for up to 17-inch laptops. Suggested price is 49,800(KRW).

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