Coffee Hack – How to Make your Own Coffee Pod!


I was actually going to buy either a MyPressi coffee pod of the Handpresso but along comes this great DIY that shows you how to make your own coffee pod.  Of course, it’s not going to be as good as commercial ones but for those of you on budget like me, it might be a good way to solve your morning caffeine addictions.

Do note that though you can use your favorite coffee using this method, the selling point!

Finally, invert the scoop and pop out your home-made pod. They cost a lot less, work just as well as the real thing and you can use your favorite coffee instead of the standard fare. I found that the best coffee to use with this method is any of the Melitta variety because not only is the coffee excellent, but the powdery grind makes most other brands look quite coarse by comparison.

via lifehacker

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