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We have seen the bike handle brakes which is great but in addition, you will want to learn to make a hand bike light that uses LEDs to tell other drivers on the road that you will be turning, brilliant!

The goal of this project is to create a light that fits on a bike glove and points in the direction of the intended turn, to increase visibility at night.  It should be lightweight, easy to use, and integrated with the existing motions for signaling (minimal tweaking of signal method (you don’t have to press a button, it just goes when you signal)).

Free source code and build instructions included.

The theory of this hand-activated bike light:

Now for the theory of my code.
Check to see if both fingers are unbent.
If they are not then check again.
If they are then take a reading from the accelerometer.
Store those readings.
Take 500 more readings each time dividing by the original reading and comparing the values.
Add one to the variable storing the count for the greater value in the test.
At the end of 500 readings check to see which was bigger a majority of the time and turn on the appropriate arrow.
Check to see if a finger is bent.
If it is then turn off the arrow and start over again.
If not then keep checking.

via instructables

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