Prius Hack – How to Add Exhaust Sound to a Prius!



Here’s a rather exciting Prius hack that involves adding “fake” exhaust sounds to a Prius.   Mind you, Prius may suck at going uphill but with the addition of this sound mod, you can still “fake” having a big, fat engine under the hood.  Perhaps this might be a new mod that could potentially be game-changing for those of you who pick up chics in your Prius. (or not?)

There’s many sounds available including a V8 or V12 engine, I would have to go with the roaring V12 if I ever get a Prius.  (As much as I like the environment, Prius drives me away with its teeny weeny motor, I mean, how am I supposed to get away from the bad guys in a Prius!)

I will have to definitely wait for a hybrid V8 SUV that is super, fuel-efficient with at least 300 horsepower. (just enough so I can get away from bad guys, haha)

On the side note, I think having adding sounds to the Prius is a smart thing so pedestrians are more aware of any Priuses being around, adding safety to the public roads.

Developed by Lotus Engineering and licensed to Harman International, Halosonic is also capable of generating flat six, V8 and V12 sounds—but care must be taken to avoid these at all costs. They are freakishly wrong. Better stick with variations of “Futuristic”.

via jalopnik

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