Netbooks Causing Havoc Among Traditional PC Manufacturers

Netbooks, which I highly recommend to have at least one in your household, are certainly causing havoc among traditional PC manufacturers as they have been forced to compete against new portable computers, cutting into their profits.

But this is good news for us consumers who are the ones buying these netbooks and other computers. (Probably less desktop computers now because netbooks are so much more affordable and portable.)

One analyst firm has now said that although companies have maybe missed out on the much larger profit margins offered by fully fledged laptops and desktop computers, these cheap and cheerful devices have proven their worth and transformed the industry.

I, too, have been getting laptops/netbooks that are smaller yet much more powerful and portable.  For one, take this new 13.3-inch ASUS UL30Vt that comes with 12-hour battery life, HD screen, and a Nvidia graphic card for just $799.

Laptop/netbook manufacturers have to go with the flow and make laptops that make sense.  For instance, we are in an age where we should have laptops with at least 8-hour battery life.  Currently, most power laptops only provide 1 to 2 hours of battery life on average.

Manufacturers will have to adapt to the new changing culture, people want things smaller, longer batter life, with similar processing power as the big laptops.

Even Microsoft, has been slashing its old XP operating system to nothing and the new Windows 7 has been designed to run on less-than-optimal hardware.

“It forced Microsoft to fend off a threat from Linux by reducing its operating system prices and to continue promoting its ageing XP brand.

“Netbooks have dramatically lowered industry price points… furthermore, hard-pressed PC vendors have been forced to cut their operating costs to have any chance of turning a profit” said the company Vice President.

In the end, it’s those smart people who will survive such as Google’s new operating system, the Google Chrome OS designed to ONLY run on netbooks and portable hardware.

I think more and more consumers will start moving their gadgets to be portable, there’s less need for desktops these days, especially if netbooks are much cheaper.

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