iPhone Hack – How to Strap a DSLR Camera Lens to your iPhone!


Here’s a rather fun hack you can do, strap a DSLR camera lens to your iPhone using duct tape!  Well, there’s some kind of old CD case used as adapter but still, this is obviously not going to hold up in real life.


The results are rather not as fascinating as I would have hoped (that’s the new San Francisco Millenium Tower residences btw)

I probably advise not to do this but rather use a real DSLR camera as an iPhone purpose isn’t to shoot professional photos but you can surely experiment on your free time, just don’t blame me if you drop your expensive DSLR lens, that’d be worth more than couple iPhones I bet.

The bracket is basically an iPhone case to which is mounted the magnifiers salvaged from an old CD player laser pickup, and then on top of which is a mount for the SLR lenses.  That’s been fashioned from cardboard tubing, PVC plumbing supplies and plenty of duct tape.

via engadget

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