Best DC to AC Pocket Inverter Car Charger Review!


Duracell DC to AC inverter car charger is probably the best $30 I have spent plus it comes with a USB port for charging your USB gadgets such as an iPod.

I’ve done a road test a bunch of times, taking it with me on road trips to Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, and even now, I am actually blogging from my Eee PC netbook while its being charged via the Duracell inverter.

These inverters are the BEST in the world right now because of their size and efficiency.  I’ve seen other bulky inverters but they are not “portable” as this one nor are they competitively priced.

The Duracell inverter also runs very quiet and cool plus Duracell is a brand you can trust.  I mean come on, they probably make the best batteries in the world, anything they put their name on, it’s going to be pretty darn good.

Disclosure: I don’t get paid by Duracell to promote their products, this is simply a product  I bought on Amazon and have personally used for the last 12 months.

In other words, if your job requires you to be on the go and you carry your laptop, this will be one of your best friends on the road.

But WAIT!  There’s more!  Duracell has just released their new version, slightly heavier with a 4-Amp battery pack, meaning you can use the new unit as a portable charger even when not hooked up to your cigarette adapter.

Both versions are the same but I’d pay $10 more for the newer one since it’s pretty much the best car charger/portable battery you can get to charge your laptop, iPod, and other gadgets on the go.

Duracell DC to AC Inverter w/ 1 USB port – $30.24 on Amazon

Duracell DC to AC Inverter w/ 2 USB ports and 1-hour battery pack – $40.24 on Amazon

Either of these gadgets will solve your in-car charging problems plus you will pay a bunch of less money always buying new car chargers for your car. (Instead you can just use your AC adaptor in your car!)

If you have friends or family who always travel a lot, either of these inverters will be an  awesome gift, especially for Christmas.

P.S. Seriously though, you can call yourself James Bond geek unless you have one of these in your car.  Duh!

Update: Black & Decker CPI100B might also be a good one to get although I prefer Duracell.

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