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With recent purchase of my new Canon 7D DSLR camera, which is capable of film-like 24P 1080P HD videoss, I ran into several problems, one of  them being rendering.

Rendering is the process where you export your HD movie into a portable media format such as .MOV, .AVI, .MPG, .MP4, or any other format.

Since most of my 1080P HD movies are for YouTube, I need to render them so their are no more than 20GB (which is YouTube upload limit for director accounts, which I have).

Anyways, at first, I tried Sony Vegas Pro 9 and the program kept freezing on me during rendering process.  I even switched to the 64-bit version after upgrading my computer to Windows 7 64-bit version.  In short, Sony Vegas Pro 9 failed me big time as it kept running out of memory on rendering any 1080P HD videos longer than 8 minutes or so.

Then, I tried Adobe Premier Pro CS4, which rendered flawlessly as it has the rendering program separate from the video editing program itself.  Plus, there’s an option to “pause” rendering if you need to do other things on your computer and then simply resume when you are not using the computer.

This is especially true if you are on limited hardware, I run a Intel Core Dual 2 Processor with 4GB of memory.  Apparently, that’s just probably minimum requirements for rendering 1080P HD videos.

But Adobe Premier Pro CS4 does render HD videos flawlessly on limited hardware like mine so if you are going to get a video editing software, make sure you do get Adobe Premier Pro CS4.

The price might be 6 times more than Sony Vegas Pro but then you get what you pay for.

There’s also a light version called Adobe Premier Elements but I believe doesn’t come with a separate renderer(Adobe Media Encoder) so highly suggest not getting that one.

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4 Responses to Best 1080P HD Rendering Software!

  1. Fabulatio says:


    I am currently using Premiere CS4 with 1080p footage but I don’t know how to export my movie with a 1080p resolution : which encoding format do you use ? h.264 is fine but it won’t accept 1080p (720p max).



  2. max says:

    I think you need to select 1080P when you begin the project, did you do that?

  3. Fabulatio says:


    Thank you for your reply. Actually I did select 1080p at the beginning. But I just figured it out : In File/Export, once I chose H.264, I didn’t see that I could choose Preset / “HDTV 1080p High Quality”. Those settings work fine !

  4. max says:

    There’s a bunch of ways to output, you need to choose the right output file, I recommend the WMV Windows output file which gives you an option to use 1080P and the file size is at minimal without quality loss. Hope that helps.

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