San Francisco International Auto Show 2009 Photos/Video!


Over the weekend, I had the pleasure of attending the annual San Francisco International Auto Show, I took some HD videos and photos for others who couldn’t make it:

2009 San Francisco International Auto Show Video Part 1


2009 San Francisco International Auto Show Video Part 2


Here’s a Ferrari!



Check out this souped up Cherry ’64 Impala.


My favorite, yellow Lamborghini!


Rolls Royce Phantom,featuring V12 and a super-cool grill!

Phantom has a rare sense of scale and occasion that makes it a truly modern interpretation of a Rolls-Royce. The grille and Spirit of Ecstasy immediately mark out Phantom.

The 2:1 wheel-to-height ratio is fundamental to this as are the coach doors. The gentle downward curve of the roofline and upward sweep of the lower body line suggest movement even when the car is stationary.

Just as Phantom’s presence is quietly authoritative, the delivery of power from the direct-injection V12 engine is equally impressive. At 70mph over 90% of the power is available in reserve, making for effortless acceleration.

Combined with the electronically controlled six-speed transmission, pressing the accelerator gives the driver a feeling of smooth, endless acceleration from standing or at speed.


The 2010 Audi R8, featuring V10 engine!


Cadillac’s concept electric vehicle Converj looks like Jay Leno’s EcoJet.

The Cadillac Converj concept car shares the upcoming Chevrolet Volt’s extended-range electric powerplant, but has a more aggressive look and more luxurious interior appointments. A report this week suggests the Converj could join the Volt in dealerships by early next decade. General Motors


The new 2010 Chevy ZR7!


2011 Chevy Volt seems like something good for the environment, perhaps Prius contender from GM finally!

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