Mechanics DIY – How to Make Steel Springs from Scratch!


Springs can come in pretty handy while you are working on some DIY projects, here’s a great way to make steel springs from scratch on your own using a compressor drill and steel rods.

Expansion springs are ones that stretch, like a spring in a screen door or a gate.

Bend the rod at a 90 degree angle leaving an end as long as you need to create a hook after.  Slip the end into the chuck of the drill between the teeth.

Hold the arbor in your hand grabbing the wire at the same time.  Slowly start the drill and squeeze the arbor tight to control the wire.  It may take a try or two to get the knack of how to hold it.

Stop the drill before the wire gets to the end because the tip will whip around the arbor in your hand.  If your hand is not well protected when this happens, this will be the part where you will be picking up chunks of skin off of the ground.

For one, I can tell you how many times I needed custom-size springs but didn’t realize you could make one yourself, this will come handy indeed for many.

I make lots of stuff that needs springs.  I have always hated trying to find the right spring for the job in a hardware store, then having to pay up to 10 dollars for it.  When I was learning to make chainmail I came up with this method for winding rings and realized it could be used for making springs as well.  It is insane how quick and easy this is.

See video for the tutorial:

via instructables

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