Linux/Wii Hack – How to Use Wiimote with Linux!


Here’s another great linux/wii hack that alows you to use a Wiimote with linux games.  The author uses a linux HTPC which projects HD onto his wall using a projector, thus using Wiimote as control device not only a necessity, it also allowed protectiong against damages to expensive HDTVs.

When I had to decide on a remote control for it, it didn’t take me long to see a wii-mote would be ideal. It is wireless, has enough buttons to make movie control doable, and when turned 90 degrees, you can play a game with them too. (Even better: with my beamer I wouldn’t need those silly silicon condoms: when a Wii-mote happens to fly out of my hand, it’ll hit the wall the image is projected on instead of a thousands-of-euros plasma TV.)

via hackaday

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