iPhone Hack – How to Use the iPhone with a Glove!


According to this DIYer, you can sew conductive thread onto the fingertips of your gloves to allow you to use the iPhone with your gloves on.  And probably also would work on any other smartphones with touch screen.

You will have to experiment with how much conductive thread you sew on, although it won’t amount to much.

On the outside try to make the stitches pretty close so it only touches the screen in a smallish area (about 1/4″ or 6mm in diameter.)  This will help your finger touches be more accurate.

Tip: Don’t make it too small!  The iPhone, for example, will ignore small touch areas.  If it doesn’t seem to work very well, try increasing the size of the stitches on the outside.

On the inside of the finger, it’s actually good for it to be messy (See #3).

3-5 stitches should be enough.


This seems like the greatest idea ever, I can imagine myself already navigating my touchscreen Palm Pre without my snowboard gloves while riding on the ski lift.

via instructables

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