Chrome Hack – How to Install Google Chrome OS on Eee PC!


Here’s a rather fun Chrome hack that shows you how to install Google Chrome OS open source Chromium on Eee PC.   I think this hack should work all across most Eee PCs as hardware is pretty much the same.  Also note that this uses a 4GB USB flash drive as boot, which allows install practically on most netbooks.

It’s actually a Chromium OS build by Hexxeh and he has a list of compatible netbooks that you can run Chrome OS on. (You can also build your own version of Chrome OS by following Google’s instructions here.)

I am still debating whether to switch to Google Chrome OS or not but I might as soon as I get my new 13-in ASUS Ul30A laptop.  The Windows XP on my EeePC works pretty great right now and I don’t see a reason for me to switch just yet, especially I have a need to run a Sprint broadband card on the Chrome OS, which I believe doesn’t support it yet.

Oh yeah, one more thing, I am blogging at the Starbucks across the Metreon, taking a break from the San Frnacisco Auto Show, going back to take more photos/videos soon.

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