Laser DIY – How to Make Laser Light Show w/ Speakers!


Looking for new ways to make a DIY Laser show?  Well, last year I used mirrors and PC fans to make a simple party green laser projector, there’s also ways to use sound “frequencies” to make the laser respond.   Any form of light will be affected by the frequency change in the sound if it’s loud and close enough. (You can also take an example of an oscilloscope and speaker example at Exploratorium here.)

Alex says he’s built his DIY Laser Show w/ speakers:

My particular test device is acoustic based. In short it is real simple, just aim a laser pointer at 2 mirrors attached to the cones of speakers that are wired to your stereo. In my case to keep it real simple, I wired the speakers in parallel – they are both receiving the same signal.


Above diagram shows what logic/theory Alex used to alter laser’s frequency using mirros mated on speakers themselves, going a lot further into the idea than just turning on the speakers loud.

The end result is a neat laser pattern that changes and dances to the music. Bass beats cause the most dramatic effect, although simple voice (radio DJ) generates the most interesting patterns.


The end result, as you can see in the above screenshot, is rather fantastic.  This is certainly a great way to make music-syncing lasers that can give you a visual high for sure.  I can imagine what would happen if you used multiple lasers, perhaps a mix of red and green lasers for some awesome effects!

Also see the laser show in action here:


via hackedgadgets

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  1. laserpointerlover says:

    wow, you laser show tip is really wonderful. I wanna to get a laser pointer soon.

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