Good Sites for Checking CPU Benchmarks!

Recently, I have been in the search of a new computer or laptop that would let me HD videos better plus render them faster.

In the search, I have found some great resourceful sites for checking CPU benchmarks/performances, some of these include rendering benchmarks so they might help you if you are stuck between choosing an Intel Core Dual 2 or a Intel Core Dual 2 ULV.

  • Mobile Processors Benchmarks – This one is pretty good for laptops/netbooks, shows you results of various different benchmark testings.  The only thing lacking is that I wish I could actually rank them based on different benchmark tests by clicking on the column tabs, perhaps they will do that for the future or at least let people export them as Excel files.
  • SPEC – I have used SPEC ever since I was in college for college computer engineering classes.  I found it difficult to navigate their site so I am looking for easier options but still great resource.
  • CPU Benchmarks – This site has a ton of resources, charts for CPU comparison, although lacking with 3D or rendering benchmarks.  I also wish they were text-based instead of image graphs so I can search text for CPU model using my browser.  (Update: There is also a search function)  Neverthless, another good resource.
  • Tom’sHardware – Tom has a great resource of CPU charts for desktops, another great resource.

Overall, I find that Intel Core i7 processors rank the highest although I am not sure how energy-efficient they are for laptops. (probably not efficient)

For me, I need a laptop that can render HD 1080P videos with ease and also makes the battery last much longer.  The best solution I found so far was the Intel Core Dual 2 ULV processors, which can go up to 16 hours for the ASUS UL30A-A2 laptop.  Well, the performance of these ULV processors is pretty still vague unless I actually test it out.  According to the charts, the ULV processors seems to not do so well but if you have more information on these ULVs, please feel free to educate me in the comments, thanks!

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