BlackFriday – BestBuy San Francisco Store #187, it’s 3:05AM!


(Me, netbooking away and killing time in my car.)

This year, I’ve decided to take some footage of Black Friday at BestBuy and also to find out what all the fuss is all about.  Anyways, there’s a line of about 3 blocks right now, perhaps around 200-300 people at 3:05AM.

I just got here and things seem pretty slow but a lot of new people are showing up so I predict that there would be around 2000 people when the store actually opens at 5AM.

Also note that there’s 12 lucky VIPs given out who are arriving in limos.  So far, I’ve noticed 1 limo.

I am currently at the San Francisco BestBuy store, probably the most popular one in the city, Store #187.

I’ve got my new Canon EOS 7D with me so you can expect a short YouTube film around 6AM when I get back home.

I was going to actually stand in line and even setup my tent if there was room but it just starting raining slightly over here in San Francisco so I just decided to camp out in my car.

The parking lot is still only about half full, I would imagine it’d get pretty filled in the next hour.

I feel lucky I found a pretty good parking spot overlooking the front of BestBuy building.

Well, wait for more blog posts, I will be updating often as I gobbled Thanksgiving Turkey after no sleep and still…no sleep.  But don’t worry, I stopped by 7-Eleven to pick up bunch of Starbucks coffee and sandwiches while I wait to shoot the opening madness of BestBuy Black Friday in clear 1080P HD.

Oh yeah, if you don’t feel like standing out in the rain, look at this blog post for the online BestBuy BlackFriday deals.

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