BlackFriday CyberMonday SD Card Super Sale!

I have seen some incredible deals from for SD cards and have bought plenty of them at fractions of retail prices.  Well, it seems has a slew of them for even less for BlackFriday, so check these great deals out and don’t miss out!  These are valid from 11/26 to 11/30!

  • Kingston 2GB SD Cards – TWO PACK – $14.95
  • Kingston 4GB SD Cards, Class 4 – TWO PACK – $19.95
  • Kingston 16GB SD Card, Class 4 – $32.95 (Are you kidding me, 16GB of SD for under $35?
  • Kingston 32GB SD Card, Class 4 – $69.95 (Definitely, I am stocking up on bunch of these for my digital cameras.)

Definitely, don’t miss out, surely has the best deals on SD Cards all year and this is probably the lowest prices for these little memory cards for at least another year.

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