T-Shirt DIY – How to Make your Own T-Shirts Printing Screen!


For those of you looking to make your own T-shirts with a re-usable printing screen for multiple T-shirts, you might want to look into this great DIY that shows you how to make your own T-shirt printing screen.

I will actually be pursuing this method as I have been searching for something better than using my inkjet printer and iron-on papers, which hardly make great T-shirts. (They seemed to rub off too easily after couple washes, especially for photos.)

you can use your screen print over and over and over again. make sure to wash the ink of the screen when you are done or it won’t work anymore.

i really enjoyed doing this project. this was my first DIY screen print so it was pretty much an experiment from the start. i felt very accomplished when i was finished.

via threadbanger

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