Photography DIY – How to Make a Wooden Tripod!


Tripods are probably one of the most important a photographer must have and if you already own a regular tripod but need a static one that doesn’t need changes in height (for example for a studio), you might want to look into building your own wooden tripod.  Of course, this DIY wooden tripod isn’t going to make you look professional but it could be a great way to make custom-height tripods without spending a couple hundred bills on commercial ones.

Tripod for camera, if you have a camera and want to take good pictures in which you can be in the picture, a good solution is to ask that someone take the picture or you can make a robot that you take the picture, in my case I made a tripod who held the camera, this is made of wood by the facility and the incursion of the hinges, but if you have other more material at hand, you can do it and cover it with black tape or paint to improve its presentation. It’s great for taking those photos timer has very good stability and reaches the average height of three feet!, So get to work

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  1. r4i card says:

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