Panasonic Still #1 in Cordless Phones!


Here’s a rather interesting story of Panasonic being #1 in the world in cordless phones.  Will they live through another decade being #1 in cordless phones?  Probably, cordless phones will still be around since phone jacks will still be used even with digital lines starting to take over the world.  It ain’t like pagers becoming obsolete when cellphones became available to the masses or is it?

One thing for sure, it ain’t nothing to brag about if you are not #1 in cellular telephones, perhaps they are just trying to spam Google for #1 position in cordless telephones.

Don’t get me wrong, I think Panasonic makes great electric shaves, perhaps they should focus more on those.


Data from Leading Research Firm Confirms Substantial Lead in Worldwide Sales of Consumer Telephones

Secaucus, NJ (November 23, 2009) – Panasonic System Networks Company of America today announced that it maintained its #1 global leadership position in the cordless telephone market for the full calendar year 2008. Market data from the prominent information technology research firm MZA Ltd. confirms Panasonic’s #1 position in worldwide shipments of DECT* cordless phones and other digital cordless phones.

Panasonic’s share of the global cordless telephone market in 2008 was 19%, according to the MZA report, “The Global Consumer Cordless Telephony Market.” The nearest competitor held an 11% share of the global market.

“Panasonic continues to be consumers’ favorite because we start with the consumers’ needs in mind,” said Bill Taylor, President, Panasonic System Networks Company of America. “From handset design to features such as Talking Caller ID, our focus is on what consumers need and how our phones can enhance their daily lives. Consumers have made Panasonic the #1 brand year after year and know they can count on Panasonic telephones to deliver exceptional reliability and affordability.”

MZA reported that DECT phones showed strong growth in North America relative to other digital cordless phones. In DECT technology Panasonic’s market position was even stronger, rising from 20% in 2007 to 23% in 2008, surpassing the next nearest competitor by 8 points of market share.

MZA concluded that a variety of factors continue to drive sales, including a large customer base that prefers to own a landline phone, attractively priced packages from telephone service providers and the availability of multi-handset bundles.

*DECT: Digitally Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications standard for minimal interference and extended range and battery life

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