Natto Fermented Soy Beans are Great for You!


Back in the 70s, my dad was an exchange student in Japan for couple years where he had developed a taste for natto, fermented soy beans in Japan.  One of his favorite sushi is also Natto Maki, which is a sushi made with natto of course.

Well, these natto fermented soy beans have proven to be great for beating cancer and all types of diseases and plus, I find myself eating these nattos and liking them more and more.  Of course, the first time you taste it, it will taste like horse shit but as you keep eating them, they will taste more like eggs or something close to that.

Anyways, nattos are favorite part of my diet now.  I can definitely tell you that if I have sour stomach or indigestion, these nattos will surely help and you will get solid and smooth poop afterwards.  (That must be good for your health if you poop good.)

If you have a tendency to get colds often or eating habits are poor, you might want to consider start eating these natural foods to get yourself protected against cancer and other types of diseases.

While Okinawans take in over 80 percent of their soy in a relatively unprocessed form as tofu, edamame, soy flour, soy milk, or miso, people in the United States eat a similiar percentage of their soy in a processed form. Our soy foods are heated, mashed, and denatured to create a vast array of substances ranging from Tofurky to fillers for tuna fish to ice-cream sandwiches… while whole foods offer valuable protection, concentrated or denatured derivatives of these foods are having the opposite effect.

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