iPod Nano Hack – How to Make an iPod Nano Projector!



Well, I guess there’s many uses for old projectors that can be used to make a bunch of things including a macro DSLR lens plus this iPod Nano projector.

This could be a great way to project your iPod Nano photos/videos onto a white wall for all your family to enjoy, an iPod Nano Projector made with an old slide projector!

Imagine if you took that digital camera that you dropped and broke the lens but it still reads memory cards and does photo slide shows on its little screen. ┬áIf you take the backlight off the LCD you can project light through it so if you could fit it inside a cheap slide projector, you’d have a wall-sized digital photo frame.

via instructables

One Response to iPod Nano Hack – How to Make an iPod Nano Projector!

  1. jackc2107 says:

    Wow this looks really cool, how clear are the still images though?

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