“Your credit balance is over the limit” – Vodafone & Verizon E-Mail Virus/Spyware!


Here’s a quick alert for those of you on Vodafone or Verizon getting e-mails such as “Your credit balance is over the limit”.  I guess it’s an e-mail scam to download some malware to your computer so just mark it SPAM!

Anyone who does happen to download the so called Balance Checker will open up a backdoor in their computer where other malicious software can be downloaded from the Zbot botnet.

“There is a danger that unsuspecting mobile phone owners might fall for the trap, perhaps convinced by the use of Vodafone’s logo which is embedded in the email, and launch the file attachment, thus infecting their computers” said Graham Cluley, senior technology consultant at Sophos,

The version of this Trojan is detected by Sophos’ products as Mal/Zbot-P.

The Zbot botnet is infamous for capturing online banking details and emptying bank accounts, which can be highly lucrative for the spammers.

via geekwithlaptop

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