WiFi Digital Photo Frames w/ Internet Radio Review!


(HP DreamScreen)


(Intouch IT7150)

It’s the holidays season coming up soon, specifically Thanksgivings where most of you will get 5 or more days off work and visit your parents/family.  Well, for that, there’s a perfect gift, a digital photo frame.

Not all digital photo frames are made the same though.  Especially for your elders who have less knowledge of computers, you might want to consider getting them a wireless digital photo frame.


Because the with WiFi digital photo frames you can easily stream them your latest photos via services like Flickr or Picasa.  This also is great since they can see your latest photos without fiddling with memory cards, USB connections, and whatnot.

I also tend to like to listen to a lot of free internet radio, so I added internet radio as a requirement here also.

The HP DreamScreen and Intouch UT7150 digital photo frames are probably the best on the market right now that can do both WiFi and internet radio.

Plus, a digital photo frame is even better when you can easily scan through the photos and videos.   These two digital frames both come with either touch-controls on the front (for HP) and touchscreen controls.

I find that having touch/touchscreen controls very important for browsing through the photos.  Plus, these digital frames allow you to do some more stuff like connect to Facebook or check the news from your favorite blogs without a real computer/laptop on your hand.

Of course, you will need a live internet connection to make these digital frames perform to its fullest so make sure your parents/family have one.

And don’t forget to set it up all the WiFi connections and photo streaming for your parents.  You should be able to set it and forget it.

Both HP DreamScreen and the Intouch UT7150 are in the similar price range, I prefer the Intouch one since it’s a full touchscreen while the HP has much bigger screen.

HP Dreamscreen 10.2″ – $198.21 on Amazon

Intouch IT7150 7″ – $200.11 on Amazon

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