DSLR Hack – How to Make a Macro Tilt Lens for your DSLR using Lens from a Slide Projector!


Need a cheap macro lens for your DSLR?  You might want to consider hacking one up yourself from an old slide projector and make this cool, cheap macro tilt lens.  It won’t make you look more professional but heck, if you can take better photos, who cares right? See more DSLR hacks here.

I just came back from the Christchurch SuperShed (our city council recycling centre) where I bought a discarded slide projector for $6.  In less than an hour, I turned the projector lens into a tilt macro lens for my dSLR.  I know there have been lots of these sorts of projects but I tried to do this one without hot glue or gaffer tape so hopefully my process will help you to turn your odd lenses into useable ones.

via instructables

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