Book Review – How to Become an Accidental Millionaire!


Recently I’ve read Accidental Millionaire by Gary Fong, a renowned wedding photographer who has made millions through photography.  A great book filled with insights for life and business, highly recommended over all those marketing books by marketers.  Really, it inspires me more if someone who’s successful writes a book than someone who writes about how to be successful and is successful by telling others how to be successful. (do you get it what I am saying here?)

And oh yeah, Gary has a blog here, check that out too.

Anyways, this is one of the best books I have read on business and life. The renowned photographer/inventor/entrepreur Gary Fong, the author of the book, goes into details of his life and how he came to be a millionaire through “accidents” in his life.

I can really relate to him in that sense that most of things I’ve achieve in life are by “accident” also.

In the book, Gary goes into depth of how he grew up with his Korean mother and Chinese father in Southern California. (and also goes into depth about his mother’s wig business in the ghetto of Compton where they witness killings of their neighbors by thugs)

Read my full book review I posted on my Zedomax.Biz blog here.

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