Windows 7 Not Working Well for Netbooks?


In my recent testing of Windows 7 Ultimate with a Triple-Core AMD and 4GB of memory, it performed flawlessly for installing all my XP/Vista programs plus ran about 3-5X faster for rendering HD videos.  Well, it seems like Windows 7 has been reported to not work well with netbooks.

This figure is somewhat surprising actually as Microsoft hasn’t tried to keep that fact hidden; indeed they have openly said that Windows 7 starter edition won’t be able to do everything.

The problem seems to lie in the fact that most of the new netbooks on sale are running with the starter edition and upgrading to the more sophisticated Windows 7 Home Premium version is going to cost somewhere in the region of $80, something than many are not happy to pay.

Plus, most of these netbooks are coming with starter editions, meaning the users have to pay for an upgrade.

I don’t think it’s a big hurdle for those of you who know how to downgrade to XP, I don’t really see any advantages of running Windows 7 on netbooks anyways.  With limitations in hardware, netbooks weren’t designed for full computing but rather for simply web browsing and things you need to get done on the go.

Of course, for me, I will be getting a slightly beefed up version of ASUS EEE PC netbooks, which is the  13.3″ ASUS UL30A with 12 hours of battery life, 4GB of memory, and a Intel Dual-Core ULV processor.

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