Windows 7 DIY – How to Run 1680×1050 in Windows 7!

To run 1680×1050 resolution (which is typical of 20″ and 22″ LCDs) on your Windows 7, you will need to connect your LCD via an HDMI/DVI cable.

If your computer has HDMI output, you can get this HDMI to DVI cable.  If your computer has DVI output, then simply connect DVI to your LCD. (you can get DVI to DVI cable here if you don’t have one)

Windows 7 doesn’t support 1680×1050 without a digital connection, meaning a VGA connection won’t get you the native resolution of your LCD even if you install the drivers. (This is only in Windows 7, XP and Vista supports it on analog too.)

If you don’t have HDMI/DVI outputs on your computer, get an aftermarket graphic card such as Nvidia GeForce 9800. (that is the only way if you want to run Windows 7)

Of course, your LCD monitor must have either a HDMI or DVI input, most have DVI so…

Once you got those digital connections going, you should see an option in Windows 7 to be able to set the screen resolution to the monitor’s native resolution.  Yey, problem solved!

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  1. Kiekeboe100 says:


    This is the second day in a row you are giving useless information.
    Couple of weeks ago I had to try 22″W screen to see if it was broken or not. Just plugging in the VGA cable and waiting for a couple of seconds made the resolution switch to the right native one (1680*1050).
    I would probably think you have one of those weird brand lcd's (my testing lcd was acer), or your graphics card is just unable to display this resolution.

  2. petersanders says:


    That's rubbish!!!!!!!!!

    I installed the W7 release candidate on my 2yo pc. I use dual ASUS 22″ monitors 1650 x 1080. The video output to these monitors is from an equally old nvidia 8500gt video card. One output is VGA the other DVI BOTH work EXACTLY the same both display images are excellent at 1680 x 1050.

  3. zedomax says:

    I think it depends, I have an HP 22″ and it doesn't support VGA out of the box.

  4. zedomax says:

    I think it depends, I have an HP 22″ and it doesn't support VGA out of the box.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I think this is not cleared! That it works with an old graphicscard, which doesnt support DX10, does not mean ist works with a modern DX10/DX11-Card!

    The reason ist simple, only DX10- or DX11-Graphics use the real Win7 display drivers, DX9-Cards use the old Vista-style drivers.

    So, if anybody with a DX10.1 or DX11 Card and a 1680×1050 VGA only LCD can tell if it work, that would be nice!

  6. Anonymous says:

    1680×1050 seems not to work over VGA(/DVI-A) with a Nvidia GTX 470 DirectX11 Card under Win7!

  7. max says:

    Try with an HDMI cable if you have HDMI outputs on your computer and the monitor.

  8. Anonymous says:

    You first have to have an HDMI or DVI-D input on your monitor to do so! And of course ist works with digital HDMI, but we are talking here about analog VGA or DVI-A and displays with native 1680×1050 resolution but only an analog VGA input!

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