Lawn DIY – How to Make an RC Lawnmower!



Here’s a rather interesting hack that involves a regular lawnmower converted into an RC lawnmower.  Brilliant!

This should make lawnmowing much more fun.  Better yet, your kids will have a blast cutting the lawn.

This instructable will show you how to make your Arduino into an R/C interface that you can use for just about anything requiring remote control. I will also show you how I built an R/C lawnmower using my Arduino, a cheap R/C transmitter and receiver pair, and a couple of electric-wheelchair motors from Ebay.  I have used this interface to control anything from basic LED’s to Bipolar stepper motors, mini-robots, lifeless R/C cars from the thrift store, and even a 100lb lawnmower (all with appropriate motor controllers). It is very flexible and easy to change and very simple to set up.

via hackaday

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