Balding DIY – How to Stop Balding Naturally!


Balding can be one of the most traumatizing experience for men and women, especially if they care for their hair.  Of course, as for me, I think it’s perfectly okay to be bald, perhaps you would look more “mature”, not that I am bald anytime soon.

For those of you looking to stop balding, there are remedies such as rogaine or propecia, both of which are not natural but may stop/cure balding.

Most of balding is caused by your genes so if your parents are bald, you would probably go bald someday.  My dad is balding slightly, he’s now slightly over 60 so it seems I have another 30 years to go before I reach his point or NOT?

Of course, you may want to seek natural remedies for balding.  For that I’ve heard scalp massages (where you massage your head with your fingers and circulate more blood) might help.  Also I have heard from my hair stylists while I was in Korea that simply washing your hair and drying it properly often helps too. Too often hair loss can be caused from dirty hair.  Like your face, you might want to keep your head clean, isn’t that common sense? For one, don’t go to sleep without taking a shower if you’ve sweated profusely.

I also did some research and there’s even a way to stop hair loss by applying fresh coconut milk on your hair.  This seems to make sense but I wouldn’t go further.

Would you put horse shit on your scalp if it proved to stop hair loss?  I hope to God no, just be natural, if you are going to be bald, just accept it and perhaps girls would find your shaved head even more manly and attractive.  Please don’t spend a dime on hair growth products, although I am sure someone is becoming a millionaire this second due to people who spend money on that.  (Instead, donate that money to the homeless society please!)

Of course, last but not least, don’t stress yourself, relax!

Life is too short to worry about your hair (or scalp), if you think that much about your outside appearance, perhaps it’s time for you to work on your inner ones first.

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