Windows XP Hack – How to Downgrade to Windows XP When You Get BSOD(Blue Screen of Death) on Boot-up!


Recently, my old Acer Aspire X3200 that I’ve bought couple months back needed to be installed with Windows XP because it had more power and memory than my current HP desktop, which is REALLY OLD!  I used to have a Ubuntu on it (because I gave up installing Windows XP before) but I finally figured out how to install Windows.

The problem was mainly because my old Windows XP CD doesn’t include the new SATA harddrive drivers for installation, which the Acer Aspire X3200 comes with.

I found that the Acer Aspire X3200 uses an integrated Nvidia card which includes the display, harddisk drivers, and more.  I simply downloaded the NForce drivers.  Install the .exe file onto a file folder but don’t install the drivers itself.

You will need your existing Windows XP CD, nLite, and download the Nvidia drivers mentioned above.  (Also, you can download Windows SP2 to integrate it into your Windows XP CD if it’s OLD like mine.)

First, open up nLite and locate your Windows XP installation:


For me, it was my CD disk:


Next, nLite will ask you which folder to save all the modifications, just make a new folder and choose that.



nLite will then proceed to copy your existing Windows XP copy, just let it do its job for about 10 minutes.


Once your Windows CD is copied, you will find a bunch of options.

For most, you can choose “Drivers” and “Bootable ISO”, I’ve also added “Service Pack” so I can add SP2 to my old Windows CD disk.


If you click “Next”, you will get prompts to find your Service Pack, simply choose the .exe service pack file you downloaded.


Once that’s installed you will come up to a screen where you can add drivers needed for your computer hardware.  For me, I installed all the Nvidia drivers.


Next, you can simply create an image by clicking on “Make ISO”.


My image ended up around 800MB so I simply burned it on a DVD but if you want, you can probably take some stuff out of the CD (by customizing it) and burn it to CD.


Boot up and you should be welcomed!

Also, if you have another problem where your driver is set up to RAID, you might be able to skip all the steps above by simply setting up your harddisk as IDE. (See more here on how to downgrade to Windows XP. – also here

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  1. Eroll says:

    sir,.. hello, trying this one …i got the problem and i want to change my vista to xp,..

  2. Eroll says:

    sir can you make a copy of your cd, then upload it and send me the link please,… i need it badly

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