GoogleMaps Hack – DIY Exercise Bike uses GoogleMaps as Virtual Map!



Here’s a rather cool hack where the hacker uses his bike as a GoogleMaps Virtual Map.  Using Vuzix iWear as display device while he’s cycling (around the world) on GoogleMaps, this simple hack shows how far GoogleMaps Street View can be applied for adding a little fun to your next workouts.

It’s still in the works but kudos for what he has done so far!  Brilliant hack!

Pragmatically explained, it means that I don’t have to sit in the darkness or stare at my garage door while I’m huffing away. Hopefully once this is done, I’ll be able to spend a few nights a week pedalling away downstairs and work my way across the US or Australia over the course of the year. The irony of this project is, well, while it’s supposed to help me entain myself while using the exercise bike, the project itself has been keeping me from exercising. Oh well.

via hackaday

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