Bike Hack – How to Make a Bike Trailer!


For those of you who want to make your own bike trailer (and save about $200 buying a one), you might want to read up on this cool bike hack that shows you how to make a bike trailer.  I think this is a great idea for custom bike modders out there who need to make more use of their bikes, especially if they need to lug around luggage to work on a bike.  I think this is highly useful as I did lug my Alto Saxophone on my regular cheapy bike rack for years during middle school and that wasn’t a lot of fun to be commuting 5 miles to school everyday.

I made this trailer out of wood as I am a woodworker. I used metal electrical junction box covers cut in half to make my plates for the wheels. The fenders are made out of the middle of a piece of vinyl gutter that I bought at Lowe’s. A 10′ piece of gutter was only about $7.00 and you score it with a utility knife and then just snap it off. Flexes nice and Krylon fusion paint will stick to it well if you let it dry overnight.

via lifehacker

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