Canon 7D Unboxing and First Shots!

Yey, I finally got my hands on a Canon 7D camera, here’s my unboxing video as soon as I got it from Amazon.  It only took 2 days, also see all the stuff I ordered along with my Canon 7D here, still waiting on the camera bag, which is sorta essential for me to carry it everywhere and take photos/HD videos…

Canon 7D Unboxing video:


Here’s some quick shots I took with my new Canon 7D:


(Tabasco – my favorite hot sauce)


Grapes – yey, grapes going bad…




My desk overlooking the ocean.


Me and the mirror… hahaha…


Pitching wedge I will be making soon, a video with the Canon 7D!

Not too bad for a DSLR newbie, this is my first DSLR camera and of course also the first DSLR that can do 1080P HD flawlessly, not like MinoHD or other cheap portable cameras.

I have a video coming soon too, will upload that shortly of my blogging office.

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