Airplane Hack – How to Temporarily Fix an Airplane with Duct Tape!


One of my best friends and my college freshmen roommate was a redneck guy from Northern California, he has repeatedly told me that duct tape can fix almost everything including relationships.

Well, I can’t believe it, but this guy’s plane got chewed up like a ball of paper by a Grizzly Bear in Alaska then he flew off back up with some duct tape as temporary fix.  WOW, duct tape can save lives, make sure you note this if you own a plane.

The fishy aroma attracted a passing grizzly bear who, clearly frustrated at not being able to see the lovely “noms” it could smell, took the plane apart in an effort to find it. Aircraft fabric is no match for bear claws. The bear also chomped both tyres for good measure, then departed the scene.

Alaskans are a hardy bunch, however – as tough as the aircraft they fly. The pilot radioed for two new tyres, three cases of duct tape and a couple of rolls of cellophane to be flown in so he could repair his craft and get home.

via timeslive

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