Golf DIY – How to Hit the Pitch Shot using your Full Swing!


Over the weekend, I took some leisure to play one of my favorite pastimes, golf!  Well, I did a quick video showing you how to hit the pitch shot using your full swing, well mini-version of your full swing that is.

A pitch shot is nothing more than a short version of your full shot.  This is the simplest way to hit it although there’s many more ways you can hit it too.

I’ve outlined exactly how to do this over on my golf blog, check it out.

The basic method of hitting this soft, floating chip/pitch shot is to open your clubface (this would depend on how high you want to hit it) and simply using a “mini version” of your full swing.

There’s couple of things you need to do and that is to take a square stance, just like a full shot, you DON”T NEED TO OPEN YOUR STANCE AT ALL.

I find that you can actually hit these little pitch shots more consistently if you setup square to the ball.  Also, make sure to hit DOWN on the ball and THROUGH the ball.  Don’t be afraid to hit this shot, you need to be confident.

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