Snow Leopard Updates will Kill Hackintosh Netbooks with Atom Processors!


I have no idea why Apple wants to have such a tight grip on their products, even controlling down to the processors you can use on their operating systems.  A lot of people have been using Apple operating systems on x86 and non-Apple CPUs, which I see a big market for Apple.  Well, I hope they realize their lesson someday, one of the main reasons Apple went sour in the 90s is because Apple had a tight grip on the software industry.  I remember I bought a PC simply because there were so many more options such as different hardware/software, you name it.

Well, I still haven’t bought an Apple in my whole lifetime, guess that “adds” to their growing empire. :p

There are more than a few folk out there who believe that by releasing the new non Atom compatible updates, Apple is attempting to kill off the Hackintosh Netbook community.

This could well be something they might be keen to do, especially if the rumoured soon to make an appearance Apple Tablet is on its way.

Of course this is all speculation but the advice from StellaRolla, according to a report in Wired, is that if you have a Hackintosh don’t try and download the updates or your Hackintosh will break, at the moment anyway.

via geekwithlaptop

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