Palm Pre not updating with Google Contacts!

I’ve just received an e-mail from a Palm Pre user (and also a subscriber) who is having a big deal of problems synchronizing his Palm Pre with Google Contacts.

Mine works fine but for some reason, his doesn’t.

He has contacted Palm(PALM) and Sprint(S) with no solution to date for over a month now, will you do something about it Palm?  You can e-mail me zedomax [at] for the customer’s contact.  Thanks!

Hi Max,

I had contacted you before about the Pre contacts not be catagorized. Palm was
of no help. Just gave the scripted answer and apologized. Big deal. Still no answer.
I do have Outlook.

I have a major problem with my gmail. It has not downloaded since Oct 25. This
also affects my Yahoo accounts. Had it over to the Sprint store, and they can’t
figure it out. It is back there today, supposedly they are calling Palm on a “Hot Line.”

Sprint spent about 5 hours on it yesterday. They were on the phone with Palm, and
came to the conclusion that Google Apps is not supposed to work with the Pre.
They said that they did a work around, and it is working. Kind of make me very
cautious about loading any other Google programs. I have a Google Voice acount,
but have not installed it yet. Do you know if anyone has installed it on the Pre?
Maybe a blog on the Contacts categories would help. I am sure that I am not the only
one that has this issue..

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