Beer DIY – How to Make Massive DIY Wort Cooler!


Making your own brew of beers will take some cooling with the use of a wort cooler.(I think)

This home brewer has built his own MASSIVE DIY Wort Cooler, this might be indeed useful for those of you who like to tinker.

A 5 meter length of pipe is filled with dry sand, This is tamped down firmly and then the pipe is capped. I did this by standing on top of my garage so I could reach 5 meters high (over 16 ft) and I then filled the pipe with dry sand through a small funnel! The pipe is then laid out straight somewhere soft (the lawn) and is inserted down the formers central hole. It is then formed around the end of the former either left or right and then wound around the formers outer surface following the spiral guide tape (blue) The diameter of the former, the pitch of the spiral and the number of turns in each coil is up to you. My coils are 6″ internal diameter, 2″ pitch on the spiral and 8 turns on the coil

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