Jay Leno’s EcoJet – Custom Bio-Diesel Jet-Engine Supercar!

Jay Leno's Turbine-Powered EcoJet Concept Introduced at SEMA

Check out Jay Leno’s EcoJet, a bio-diesel and jet-engine powered supercar that can go faster than an actual jet plane!  This is some pretty good stuff.

Jay Leno’s biodiesel-powered EcoJet has recently claimed its fame with its ability to run on biodiesel and at the same time putting out an impressive 750 horsepower and 700 ft-lb of torque at 48,000 RPM from its Honeywell LT101 jet turbine engine. Covered in carbon fiber is an aluminum chassis kept in contact with the ground using existing suspension bits from the Chevrolet Corvette along with a four-speed automatic transmission from General Motors that minimizes engine speed down to 6,000 rpm.

via bornrich

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