JH 13 Pro Review!

JH 13 Pro

CNet’s Steve Guttenburg has just posted a hands-on review of the custom-fitted JH 13 Pro.  As an earbud addict who reviews (cheaper) earbuds consistently, this is good to know that the JH 13 Pro comes with 6 drivers consisting of 2  woofers, 2  midranges, and 2 tweeters.  That’s awful a lot of sound in an earbud if you ask me.

I probably won’t get one as I don’t think it’s worth the $1000+ price tag but perhaps some of you out there might be willing to cash out for some of the most expensive earbuds in the world.

The JH 13 Pro’s resolution of fine detail is extraordinary, drums sound more realistic than I’ve heard from any other type of headphone. The JH 13 Pro is “fast,” cymbals’ shimmer and sparkle the way they do in real life, and when a drummer whacks his sticks against the drums’ metal rims, the sound is more realistic. Dynamic oomph and slam are the best I’ve heard from an in-ear headphone.

via cnet

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