iPhone Hack ALERT- How to Secure Your Jailbroken iPhone!


Here’s a quick alert for iPhone users who have jailbroke their iPhones, you need to secure your iPhone by changing your SSH root password if you haven’t.

Otherwise, it’s very easy for someone to hack your iPhone!

As correctly pointed out by some users in the comments section below, the instruction in Step 2 will change your mobile password only. In order to change root password, type ‘login’ command (without quotes) and then press enter. Now type ‘passwd’ command (without quotes) again and press enter. It will now prompt you to enter your old root password which is ‘alpine’ followed by a new one (twice). Simply enter your old and new password again as you did in Step 3 (for changing mobile password) and you should be all fine. It is highly recommended that you change, both your mobile and root passwords to make sure you are completely safe from any outside SSH attack.

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