Bike Hack – How to Make Bike Handlebar Brake Lights!



Why do bike manufacturers still have no factory-default brake lights?  Well, that’s probably too much added cost but for those of you who with some hacking skills, you might want to consider “hacking” one of these awesome bike handlebar brake lights into your bike bars.

Group riding would be much safer if bikes had brake lights.  The lack of brake lighting on bicycles has lead to the audio cues of “SLOWING” or “STOPPING” being shouted at every turn.  While this may enhance safety, it certainly cuts into the serenity of a ride.

This project offers a viable solution that can increase both safety and serenity on a group ride.  With embedded programming made easy by the Arduino integrated development environment, electronics getting smaller, more capable, and cheaper, this project possible for the do-it-your-selfer.

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