Subaru Trax Si – Fastest DIY Snow Car in the World?


Check out this awesome custom-built snowcar that goes practically faster than anything on snow I have ever seen.  Based one a Subaru, the Subaru Trax Si sports a funky wheel system (or cat tracks), this is the “ultimate” snowmobile of the year.  I am sure just driving this thing around the mountain is as fun as snowboarding.

It combines a two of my favorite things in life: driving a rally car in the snow and snowboarding in the powder in the backcountry. It’s incredibly fun having the ability to push the high-power Subaru on the slopes and to backcountry spots that normal cars could never go!

via autoblog

Check out the video of this snow car in action:
(Also at 1:32 watch as a snowboarders jumps over the car, way cool, ha!)


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  1. antonio says:

    se puede conseguir una foto del subaru sti trax que esta en la nieve con la casa de madera en el fondo

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