Photography DIY – How to Make a Medium Format Camera!


Here’s a great DIY showing you how to make a medium format camera from scratch.   I guess these cameras are usually super expensive but this DIY shows you how to make it yourself so you save some money on it too.  Well, I am not a photography experts (yet) but seems like also a great way to learn more about photography in general.

The first thing to do was research of course. To start with: what do i know about cameras? Well I know I own a Nikon D200 with several accessories and lenses and are interested in photography. That was pretty much it. Next thing was then to find out exactly how a good old view camera works and what parts are involved in the process. There are pretty much three things in sush a camera, a lens, a ground glass (whatever the hell that is) and bellow between the lens and ground glass that allows focusing. After some further research on the internet and consultation of a friend that knows enough mathematics and physics to be considered at least slightly mad I felt I had a rough idea of how to pull this whole thing off.

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