Study Shows that Illegal Music Downloaders are the Ones Who Buy Most Legal Music Too!

Here’s an interesting study done in the UK showing that illegal music downloaders are the ones who buy the most legal music. I think this is probably true as people who are that good on computers to download illegal music would be more likely to use computers to buy music too. For me, I NEVER buy music online simply because I am not a bass head and rather listen to free internet radio. For others who don’t buy music, it might be mostly because they don’t know “how” and I know about a hundred people already who don’t know how to buy music online at least, they will still head to TowerRecords for that.

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A new British independent poll conducted by Ipsos Mori concluded that the people who do the most illegal downloading also buy the most music. This is in line with many other studies elsewhere and is easy to understand: people who are music superfans do more of everything to do with music: they see more live shows, listen to more radio, buy more CDs, buy more botlegs of live shows, buy more t-shirts, talk about music more, do more downloading — all of it.

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