Ideum’s 100-Inch Multi-Touch Table!


Thought Microsoft’s Multi-Touch table was cool?  Well think again, here’s Ideum’s 100-inch multi-table that also supports 50 simultaneous touch points, meaning 50 people can be doing things on it simultaneously.  Brilliant!



The currently unnamed device–which is being called an “ultra-wide screen multitouch table exhibit exploring the electromagnetic spectrum”–is based around the company’s MT-50 multi-touch, multi-user table. Clearly this one is designed to be used by businesses more so than actual consumers (unless you’ve got a 20,000 square foot home just dying for a few new accessories), with a 16×5 aspect ratio and a display resolution of 2304×800. All told, it’s a 100″ surface with an 86″ viewable area, making it one of the largest contiguous multi-touch tables ever made.

via engadget

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