Happy Halloween!


Happy Halloween everybody!  You know, as a 9 year old who immigrated to the U.S., I initially thought all Americans were crazy and really didn’t understand the whole purpose of Halloween.  Well, after dressing up as dracula and getting 2 full buckets of candy, I quickly realized how “fun” Halloween was and of course, the next 20 years, I have always loved Halloween.  Although in the recent years, I am found more near a nightclub in San Francisco during Halloween rather than treat-or-treating.

You must understand though, not everyone in the world will appreciate Halloween as people in the U.S. do, simply because it’s a “weird” day where everyone gets to be weirded out.

Well, make sure you do some day treat-or-treating too by going to the malls, I heard the mall shops are giving out candy.

As for me, I will be actually trying to score candy tonight at my local neighborhoods in San Francisco.  If you get scared of my costume, make sure you give me lots of candy, otherwise I might retaliate!

Happy Halloween!  Booooooooooooooo!

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